Private Processing

We are delighted to offer a new and improved private processing service. Come and take advantage of our on-site butchery facility, over seen by our master butcher, Jamie Vowles. Jamie and the team have extensive experience in all aspects of butchery and can cater for any additional requirements you may have.

Deciding on the best butchery option for you can be a difficult and technical decision, so why not come and meet us to discuss all the options available to you before you choose.

Master Butcher – Jamie Vowles and meat boxed and ready for collection producer-service

As of 5th February 2018 our slaughter and private processing prices are as follows:

Cattle: slaughter £105.00 (OTM £125.00)
butchery starting at £215.00 + VAT

Sheep: slaughter £15.00 (O/AGE £17.00),
butchery starting at £12.50 + VAT

Goats: slaughter £16.00 (O/AGE £19.00),
butchery starting at £12.50 + VAT

Alpacas: slaughter £30.00,
butchery price TBC + VAT

Pigs: slaughter <80kg £21.00, 80.5-100kg £24.00, 100.5-120kg £28.00, >120kg + N/A,
butchery starting at £30.00 + VAT

Sausage and Burger making is charged at £2.40 per kg. Chippolatas £2.60 per kg. We have a variety of flavours available. Gluten free is £2.75 per kg

Washout – We have pressure washer facilities on site for cleaning vehicles for which there is a small charge:
trailers £3.00 + VAT and lorries £7.50 + VAT

Delivery – there will be a minimum charge of £12.50 + VAT for delivering carcasses back to a butcher’s shop of your choice within the local area.

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